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Lightroom desktop presets


Edit your photos with just 1 click.

It's ideal for giving your photos a golden touch and adjusting them to your taste.

Make it easy for yourself, save time, and customize effortlessly.


Not only will you have edited a photo with a preset/action in just one click, but you'll also get a glimpse of how I edit my photos. How cool is that?!

And... even more advantage, you'll create a unique, clear, and consistent style in all your photos. So, you no longer have to jot down all your settings; you can now apply them quickly and easily with a click of your left mouse button.

1: Warm light tones - colorless backlight photos

2: Backlight

3: Dark horses

4: Golden hour

5: Lens flare

6: Silhouette

Content: 6 desktop presets

Compatible with: Lightroom desktop


Your photo is edited in 1 click


A clear style is visible in all your photos


After applying the presets, you can still make all the adjustments yourself

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